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2016 National FBLA Leadership Conference--Event:  American Enterprise, 11th Place in the nation--Bailey Baird, Maddie Hayes, Hunter Miller
2015 National FBLA Leadership Conference--Event:  American Enterprise, Top 20 -- Bailey Baird, Maddie Hayes, Hunter Miller,

2014 National FBLA Leadership Conference--Event:  Client Service,
12th Place in the nation --Hannah Billinger
2012 National FBLA Leadership Conference--Event: Partnership with Business, 11th Place in the nation--Kayla Schartz, Kyle Blakeslee, Rachel Doll
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 A wonderful moment of the day is when a student understands the concept.  The student will beam like the brightest star in the sky.

Class Schedule:
  • 1st hour -   Business Essentials 
  • 2nd hour - Plan
  • 3rd hour - Computer Applications I
  • 3rd hour - Computer Applications II
  • 4th hour - Computer Applications I
  • 5th hour - Web Page Design
  • 6th hour - Entrepreneurship 
  • 7th hour -   In-House Training
  • 8th hour - Accounting I, AccountingII
  • Seminar - Everyday except Wednesday
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