In-house Training

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Information -

All IHT students MUST complete your tasks on time and help others as needed.
IHT students will save ALL work in the IHT student drive, not individual student drives.

  • IHT project/assignments before other class work.
    • Complete the IHT project even it is a date that is days away.
    • Ask everyday if there is a new project.
    • Not completing a task that has been requested, will result in zero points for the day.
  • Teachers who request for an IHT student to complete, must get permission from Mrs. Betts before saying "YES". 
  • Cell phones are not to be used in class
  • Do not bring a book bag into class.
  • All classwork will be graded and participation points will be given daily
  • Documents for class will be linked electronically or available in class as a paper copy.
  • If you are ill or have been absent for other reasons, you may reach Mrs. Betts at school  or
  • Please adhere to the due dates of assignments, and please inform Mrs. Betts if special arrangements are needed to enhance your learning environment.
  • Projects are completed for various organizations and individuals thoughout the course of the year. 
  • If a community member needs items printed or construction, they will need to contact, Lorie Betts. 
  • If you request a project to be completed samples are available for review and client references are available.
  • Payment for completed work is requested as a donation to the Ellinwood High School Business Education/FBLA Scholarship Fund. 
  • Bring your iPad to class
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