A&E Biography

This activity meets unit objective #1. 

Before Viewing the Film

Knowing the meaning of each of the following words will help you better understand the documentary. 




















After Viewing the Film

Please answer in complete sentence form, or in SEE paragraph form where indicated.  Tip:  Copy and paste this list into a GoogleDoc, and then type your answers underneath.  Be sure to share your document with me.


1. What makes The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, one of the most famous works of American literature, so controversial? Answer in SEE Clarification form.



2. How did Twain’s experience as a riverboat pilot contribute to his writing?



3. Twain’s real name was Samuel L. Clemens. Why did he use a pen name, and why did he choose the name Mark Twain?  Answer in SEE Clarification form.



4. Mark Twain abhorred the treatment of Chinese immigrants in America. Why was there so much prejudice against the Chinese in America? Answer in SEE Clarification form.


5. Twain fell madly in love with Olivia Langdon, but at first her family opposed their marriage. Why? Answer in SEE Clarification form.



6. During his lifetime Mark Twain made a great deal of money. At the age of 60, however, he was forced to claim bankruptcy. Why did this happen?