Discussion Questions

Watch the videos embedded here.  (We have done this together already in class.)
Then, please answer the following questions in complete sentences and/or in the appropriate SEE format if listed.  You may number the items.  You may handwrite your responses.  (You may wish to copy and paste these questions into a GoogleDoc, however, and then to share that GDoc with me.) 

  • What specific chapters from The House on Mango Street are adapted into these scenes?
  • Consider whether the stage adaptation is “faithful” to Cisneros's book.  What kinds of challenges do writers and directors probably face when adapting a novel (especially one made of a series of vignettes) for the stage?  Please answer in SEE Enumeration form.  See this page for more info/help about Enumeration paragraphs.
    • Your paragraph will probably start something like this:  "There are several challenges that writers and directors probably face...."
  • The actresses who portray Esperanza and her friends are obviously older than Cisneros's characters. How does this impact the play, particularly when the characters try on high-heeled shoes for the first time? Does the performance overcome the age discrepancy "problem"? (Consider acting ability, costuming, set design, etc.)  Be sure to answer both parts of this item.
  • How does the addition of music impact the play’s overall mood and tone?  Please answer in SEE Clarification form.  See this page for more info/help about Clarification paragraphs.
    • Your paragraph will probably start something like this:  "Music affects the play's mood and tone by...."
  • In Cisneros’s book, the mother in "The Family of Little Feet" descends the stairs and hands the girls a bag of shoes. In the play, the woman remains at her window and tosses the bag down to the girls, drawing attention to the physical space between the grown woman and Esperanza’s friends. What effect might this have on the audience? Is the director hinting at  Cisneros's repeated use of women at windows? Something else? Be sure to answer all parts of this item.