The Crucible Activity: 
Character Letter, Diary, or Journal Entry
One of the great joys of reading literature is that not everything is explained. Authors sometimes leave us wondering about why a character makes the decisions he or she makes. Sometimes authors give us insights into character motivation from a 3rd person omniscient perspective or from a character's own first person account or soliloquy, but other times we are left to infer, conjecture, and wonder about the mysteries of motivation.

Step 1: Choose a character from this list of Teaching The Crucible characters that makes a difficult choice or commits a decision action. 

Step 2: Pick a moment in the plot of your text to have your chosen character write a private journal or diary entry, mulling over his/her present position, detailing how she/he feels about the choices already made in the past and about the choices in the future.*  You can read a sample (written by another student) here.

Step 3: Make sure it's clear from the outset of your diary or journal entry when exactly this entry was written in the scheme of the plot of the text itself.

Step 4: Try to incorporate direct references (even quotations and bits of dialogue) to the original text (see Teaching The Crucible quotes). Be sure that whatever qualities your chosen character demonstrates in your creative piece are supported by the events and description in the original text as well.  Your letter/entry should be no less than 5 full sentences.

Step 5:  When you have finished your letter or entry, repeat steps 1-4 and create another letter or entry written by a different character.

*Alternative suggestion:  Have your chosen character write a letter to another character in the text about his or her concerns (instead of a private journal or diary entry).

Please complete this assignment in 
GoogleDocs and share it with me.  
(Remember, you are writing two 
entries/letters total.)

Use an MLA Header.

You can read a sample 
(written by another student) here.
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