1920s Slang Quiz

Match the 1920s expression on the left with its meaning on the right.

Do your best—it’s just for fun! 



“All wet!”                                                                                     a dollar           


“Applesauce!”                                                                           a college freshman


“Bank’s closed!”                                                                       to arrest


Cat’s pajamas                                                                          a woman’s legs


Clam                                                                                           the backseat of a car


Dumb Dora                                                                                drunk


Fish                                                                                             a speakeasy


Gams                                                                                          a bad idea


Hayburner                                                                               an expletive


Juice Joint                                                                               something splendid


Pinch                                                                                       a stupid female


Spifflicated                                                                              no kissing


Struggle Buggy                                                                 a solemn person


Wet Blanket                                                                           a gas-guzzling car