Facebook Assignment

Due to the Dropbox:  TBA

You can do EITHER the Facebook OR the Meme.  You don't have to do both.

For the Facebook option:  Possibly understanding the plot of The Great Gatsby would have been a lot easier if each character had kept a Facebook page and would have simply updated his/her status after each major event!  [Anachronism alert.]  And/or, perhaps viewing a character's Facebook page would help readers understand more about him/her and his/her role in the story.

Here's an example (click to view larger) of a Facebook page made for a fictional character.  (In this case, the fictional character is Robert Langdon, the protagonist of The Da Vinci Code and other Dan Brown novels.  It's just an example to help you get the idea.) 

Now it's your turn to take the aspects of The Great Gatsby and make them into a Facebook Wall.  Some characters to consider using:  Nick, Tom, Daisy, Jordan, Gatsby, Myrtle, and George Wilson.  You could also include:  Klipspringer, Owl Eyes, Meyer Wolfsheim, and/or Catherine.

To create your assignment, you can do one of two things:  you can download the file attached below, open it in Keynote, fill in all of the blanks, and then upload your file back into GDocs in order to submit it to the Dropbox.  Or, you can ask me to share the blank file with you in GDocs.  But be sure to make your own copy before you do any editing!

You will be graded on: 

  • Creativity                                                            20 pts.
  • Accuracy                                                              20 pts.
  •  Completion and attention to detail               20 pts.
  • Productivity in class work time                      20 pts./ 80 

Note:  If you don’t have a Facebook account or don't like to use the Internet, no big deal.  Enough information will be presented in class for you to complete the assignment successfully either way.  As always, good class attendance and productive use of provided class time will best help you complete the assignment and/or to earn your best grade.

Additional disclaimer:

Mrs. J. isn’t on Facebook and doesn’t have a Facebook account.

She doesn’t endorse/condone students using

 Facebook (or anything on the Internet inappropriately)

on school time or on school computers. 

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