GG Paired Poems Activity

Answer the following questions separately for each of two poems (pick two of the four) that are found on subpages of this page (scroll down).  

Please answer in complete sentences.  Helpful hint:  copy and paste the questions into GoogleDocs, and then share that document with me (in your share settings.)  

It is reasonable to assume that each of your answers is worth 5 points.  Answers will be assessed for accuracy (where applicable) and completion.

1.  What is the dramatic situation of the poem? (What is taking place literally?) 



2. Who is the speaker in the poem? (Or, at least, what do we know about him/her?)



3. To whom is he or she speaking? Who is the audience of the poem?  Is it a specific person or to the general reader?



4. What is a possible theme of the poem?  Write one line from the poem that you think tells the theme the poem.  (408)



5. What kinds of patterns are there in the poem? Does the poem rhyme? Does it have a particular rhythm or beat? Does it have a visual pattern when you look at it?  (415, 437, 438, 439)



If there is a number listed in parentheses after a particular question, then that means that those are corresponding pages in the blue Reader's Handbook that might
help you answer that question. 

Pg. 423 in RH has a helpful list of
poetry terminology.

6. How does the poet use language? Is it elevated or fancier language? Is it more vernacular, colloquial, or casual? Does the poet use a particular dialect or accent?  (400)



7. What do you think is the most important line of the poem? Why do you think so?



8. What images does the poet use to make his or her point?  (427, 430)



9. What is the tone (mood) of the poem at the beginning, at the end, and overall? (405)



10.  How does this poem relate to The Great Gatsby?  Consider the characters (especially Gatsby) and the overall themes of The Great Gatsby.  Which themes does the poem illuminate?  (408)