Your 100 Things

Using *Tammy Strobel for inspiration, make your own list of the 100 items you would need to live comfortably.  Given that we all probably use many more than 100 items each day, this exercise will help you discover how you could maybe simplify some aspects of your life (as Thoreau would have encouraged us to do!) 

Create a new item in GoogleDocs--you can decide if you want to make it a document, presentation, or spreadsheet.  (It's up to you.)  Then, please share it with me (through your sharing settings.)  Number your list so it's easy to keep track, though you don't need to list them in order of importance.  You can receive full points for finishing this assignment to completion; I won't judge your choices/priorities.  :) 

It might be helpful to picture an apartment or dorm room (or the Strobels' tiny house.)  What would you need to survive?  Remember--toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant...each of these counts as 1 item!  And don't list something in plural--like "plates".  If you need 4 plates, that would count as 4 of your 100 items.  (Same with clothing.)  You do not need to count food or beverages, however. 

*We read about Ms. Strobel in the article "But Will It Make You Happy?".  If you haven't read it yet because you missed class, please finish it now.