7th Bruno Letters (40 points)

This assignment can be completed in Microsoft Word or as  a Google Doc.  Make sure you email the document to me as an attachment or share the Google Doc with me.

You will write 2 letters:

Letter #1:  Pretend you are Bruno and you write a short letter to one of his "three best friends for life".  Make up a name for his friend.  In his letter, Bruno tells his friend about his new home.  He should include meeting Lt. Kotler and seeing the camp.  This letter should be approximately a minimum of 8-10 sentences long.

Letter #2:  Pretend you are Bruno's friend and reply to Bruno's letter.  His friend could tell him about what is going on back in Berlin.  This letter should be 5-6 sentences minimum.  

20 points participation:  
  • followed directions and completed on time
20 points evaluation:
  • Each letter sounds like Bruno and his friend.  The details in Bruno's letter are related to the story.
  • Conventions:  No glaring errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.