Eighth Research Report

Step #1:  Choose a topic and research

Take Notes:
    Write in your own words in fragments
    Notes can be taken on notecards, paper,                    
    Word, or a Google Doc.

Notes are worth 40 points:  
To earn points notes should be written in your own words (no copied and pasted or directly copied sentences/passages from web sites) and enough notes for three 10-sentence body paragraphs.  Write fragments.  This will keep you from copying.

 Notes can no longer be turned in for points.
Step #2:  Organize your notes (40 points)

CLICK HERE  for an outline template to print if you didn't get one in class.

Pay attention to the directions on the outline template.  Everything on it is not written in complete sentences.

Outline can no longer be turned in for points.
Step #3:  Writing the rough draft/revisions/edit/final draft

CLICK HERE  for instructions on how to write the rough draft.
Rough draft can no longer be turned in for points.
The process:
1. Submit rough draft to Mrs. Mitchum for feedback.
2.  Once you receive your feedback (an email will be sent to you), you can work on revisions.
3.  Format the final draft so that it is MLA style (see the handout with an example in class) and add the Works Cited page.
4.  Final edit with a partner.
5. Print the final draft and attach the evaluation rubric and turn it in.

CLICK HERE to see the evaluation rubric

Final draft due by Friday.
After evaluation, the final draft can be revised and resubmitted.