Dickens Character Conversation

Learning “Dickens-Speak”

A Conversation Between Two Dickens Characters

(40 points)

  1. Use the following link to choose two characters that Dickens created in one of his many stories: CLICK HERE for a list of Dickens' Characters

  2. Then create a scene in which these two characters  meet and have a short conversation.

  3. After you have written the scene, go back and insert  some “Dickens-Speak”.  Insert at least three words from the Dickens Glossary. Underline the “Dickens-Speak” words you used. CLICK HERE for the Dickens Glossary.


Participation (20 points)

Followed directions and completed on time.

Evaluation (20 points)

At least 300 words.  

Used words from the Dickens glossary.

Proofread: no glaring errors in spelling, punctuation, or capitalization.

Sound sentences--no fragments, run-ons, or rambling sentences.