Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack 5 Paragraph Essay

For three different scenes, you  will  gather three key quotes that help explain the main ideas of the scene, and then specific lyrics from a song that match the quotes you have found.  
STEP #1:  Prewriting (30 points for completed chart)

Quotes from the play:

CLICK HERE to find a scene and quotations from the original play.  When you click on a scene, you will see the play in its original form on the left side and a translation on the right side.  MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE QUOTES THAT ARE THE ORIGINAL SHAKESPEAREAN LANGUAGE AND NOT THE TRANSLATION.

Song Lyrics:

CLICK HERE for a web site where you can find most song lyrics.

Step #2:  The 5-Paragrph Essay (100 points)

The essay can be written in Word or Drive.  Submit the essay by either sharing or emailing as an attachment.

Paragraph #1:  Write a 2-3 sentence introduction. First get the reader's attention and end with a thesis statement.

Paragraphs #2-4:  For each scene,  write a paragraph that explains how the song you have chosen represents the scene from the play.  Be sure to cite the text of the play for full credit.

Paragraph #5:  Write a 2-3 sentence conclusion.  Sum up your essay and end with a "clincher".  


Final Draft Evaluation

Participation:  40 Points
  • Followed directions and the essay has been submitted on time.
Evaluation:  60 Points
  • Content:  There are 5 paragraphs:  introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Body paragraphs fully and understandable explain how the song represents the scene from the play.
  • Proofread:  There are no glaring errors in spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Sound sentences with no run-ons, fragments, or rambling sentences.