Romeo and Juliet Webquest

DIRECTIONS: Use the class period to find as much information as you can. You may write your answers on a separate sheet of paper, or type them in Word and print them out. These answers do not have to be complete sentences.

About the Elizabethan Theater--
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1.  Write a short definition for the following features of an Elizabethan Theater:
          Groundling, Pit, Heavens, Tiring House
2.  Why is the Globe Theater so famous?
3.  Briefly describe the type of scenery and costumes used in Elizabethan Theater.
4.  Who was allowed to act in Elizabethan Theater? Who played female roles?
5.  Name one interesting fact that you discovered about Elizabethan Theater.

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6. How many women actors did the company usually feature? 

7. Was Shakespeare an actor? What was the term used to refer to actors? 

8. How were the seating arrangements for the audience? How did one get a good seat? 

9. What would the audience do if they did not like a performance? 

About Language 

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10. A famous line from Romeo and Juliet is when Juliet says, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" What does "wherefore" mean? 

11. What does "stay" mean? 

About the Play Romeo and Juliet

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12.  What one of the sources for the story of Romeo and Juliet?

13.  What are two ways  Romeo and Juliet have been adapted to other stories? (hint:  one is a musical)

14.  What is Romeo and Juliet about besides "two hormonal teens colliding"?

About the plot of Romeo and Juliet

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15.  Prince Escalus, the ruler of Verona, declares that anyone in either family involved in any future fighting will be put to ______.

16.  Why are the Capulets throwing a masquerade ball?

17.  Why does Romeo crash the party?  Who is with him?

18.  Why does Romeo slip away from his friends and jump the wall after the party?

19.  What do Romeo and Juliet do the next day?  Who helps them?

20.  Who is Tybalt? What does he do?  What happens to him?

21.  What punishment does Romeo receive from the Prince?

22.  What does Juliet do to get out of her forced marriage to Paris?

23.  Why does Romeo poison himself?

24.  Why does Juliet kill herself with Romeo's dagger?

About Franco Zeffierilli's movie (a review by Roger Ebert)

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25.  How did Ebert feel about reading Shakespeare when he was in school?

26.  Ebert states that this is the first production of Romeo and Juliet in which the romance is taken _____.

27.  What did you learn about the two actors Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey who play the parts of Romeo and Juliet?

28.  What did the Chicago Board of Education object to in this film?  What does Ebert have to say about it?