Shakespeare's Quotes Project (50 points)

This project can be completed in Work, PowerPoint, Google Document/Presentation, Prezi, or any application in which you can add photos and text.

1.  Use one of the following web sites to find 3 Shakespearean quotes. Take your time browsing through these quotes and choose 3 quotes that are meaningful to you.  You can also search for quotes on your own and you are not limited to these web sites.

2. Copy and paste the 3 quotes and where it came from (title of the play or which sonnet).

3. Find a photo that you think illustrates each quote.  Before searching for a photo, think about what kind of object or scene you could associate with the quote.
This web site has a searchable database of many photos:

4.  Write a 6-8 sentence response to the quote--what you think each quote means and how you connect to it.

This project will be evaluated on the following criteria:
  • 20 points participation:  Followed the directions for the assignment and completed on time
  • 30 points evaluation:  Wrote a meaningful and thoughtful response to the quote.  Photo seems to connect to the quotation.  No glaring errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, or sentence structure.