Victorian England Webquest and Jigsaw

Step #1: Research 

You have been assigned one historical area to study. Find your category below, and visit the website and look at the different resources on the page. Then, answer the questions on the handout to document your expertise! *Note: Divide and conquer! Have each group member take a specific section of the questions and then combine all of your results as a team.

An Industrial Nation Website

A Lawless Nation Website

A Caring Nation Website

A Divided Nation Website

Finished handouts are worth 30 participation points!

Step #2:  Present your information

Now that you are a true historical expert in your category, it's time to prepare for the Victorian England Summit! At the summit you will present to a small group of 4 or 5 classmates.  There are two things you need to prepare before attending the summit: 
1.  a 3-5 minute  presentation based on the information you gathered from the questions your group had.
2.  a visual to accompany your presentation. 

You could work with your group in creating this presentation, but you are going to present on your own and will be responsible for your own visual.


 Think about it from the point of view of someone in the audience. What would you be most interested in from your category of research? What information is most important for them to know about your research topic? Start by focusing on those elements, and use the documents you researched to provide support and specific details as you go through your presentation. You want to make sure that when the audience leaves the conference, they have a good understanding of your area of expertise. 


You must have some sort of visual to accompany your presentation at the summit.  Create a a Powerpoint, Google Presentation, or Prezi with key information and pictures which will help your audience understand and learn about your topic.   Have fun and be creative!

Finished visual is worth 30 points:  (email as an attachment or share with me)

  • how it looks: easy to read, colorful, and includes illustrations and photos which enhance the content
  • content:  there are 3 main points about the topic which are supported with details

Before presenting, you can practice with your original group.