Don Regehr


High School: 
Hutchinson High School,
Hutchinson, KS

Bethany College, Bachelor of Arts
Lindsborg, KS

Other College hours:
Friends University
Fort Hays State University
Wichita State University

Teaching Experience:  
Hill City, KS -
 5-12 Band - 1985-1987

Central of Burden, Burden, KS
K-6 Music/5-12 Band - 1987-1996

reat Bend Middle School & High School
Band - 1996-1998

Ellinwood, KS
5-12 Band/Music Explore - 1998 - present




Wife - Marlene, teaches music at CKCA in Great Bend and teaches piano lessons in our home
Daughter - Allison is a junior at Great Bend High School

Son - Madison is in Fifth Grade at CKCA in Great Bend

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"Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them—a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement.
The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music."
—Gerald Ford
Contact Information:
High School Phone:  620 564-3136
Grade School Phone:  620 564-2750
Home Phone:  620 639-1767

Link to characteristic tones on instruments.


Fifth Grade Band - EGS and St. Joseph
Sixth Grade Band - EGS and St. Joseph
Middle School Band - 7th&8th - EMS and St. Joseph
High School Band - EHS
Music Appreciation - EMS

Class Schedule:
8:10 - 8:45        5th grade band - St. Joseph
9:00 - 9:35        6th grade band - St. Joseph
9:48 - 10:38      High School Band
10:42 - 11:00     Transition to Grade School
11:30 - 12:10      5th grade band - EGS
12:50 - 1:30        6th grade band - EGS
1:40 - 1:45          Transition back to EHS
1:49 - 2:39        
Music Explore - EMS
2:43 - 3:33         7th & 8th grade band - EMS

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