High School District/State Auditions

  • Students must sign up via the Google form below by Friday, October 5.
  • High school district and state choir auditions are scheduled for November 3 in Dodge City. 
  • Students will sing three excerpts from the required pieces (available from Miss Duling) in a blind audition. 
  • Students in grades 9-12 may audition for district choir.
  • By KSHSAA rules, freshmen are not allowed to audition for state choir.
  • The audition on November 3 counts for both district and state.
  • Music learning sessions will be available with Miss Duling after school on Wednesdays.

District/State Choir Audition Sign-Up

Click the CD to download practice files for each of the audition songs. Please note that the Sop 1 and Sop 2 tracks are switched on "Rejoice" as listed on the CD cover. However, I have corrected this on the uploaded files.