History Club!

To Become a Member: 
  • The only requirements to become a member are to be in a class taught by Mr. Bieberle or Mr. O'Neill and the dues are $5.
  1. Community - In becoming a member of this club, you become a part of a community at school that enjoys interacting with and learning history. You can also attend the History Club movie nights. 
  2. Field Trips - Members can expect at least 2 field trips a year throughout the state to dive into history.
  3. Leadership Opportunities - History Club will do at least one project a year with EGS. 
  4. Scholarship Opportunity - Senior members have an opportunity to earn a History Club scholarship at the end of the year.
  5. History Club is FUN!

2018 Events:
  • November 10th: Veterans Day Assembly.
  • February 21st: Field Trip to Eisenhower Presidential Museum, Abilene
    • While here, we will be taking part in two activities. The first will be over the Desegregation of Schools and the second is over the 101st Airborne and their involvement in D-Day and World War II. Participants will also be witnessing the signing of the first bill by our new governor, Jeff Colyer. 
  • April 17th: Field Trip to Hutchinson Community College for Astronaut Scott Kelly Lecture, Hutchinson
    • Description: History Club will be hearing about Scott Kelly's adventure in space and his life. Following the lecture, we will be spending lunch and the afternoon at the Kansas Cosmosphere. 

  • Shot for Pop - We host a free throw shooting game at the end of home games. Participants shoot a free throw for a chance to win a 2-liter of pop. 
  • Concession Stand

Other Resources:
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