Nancy McAllister

Learning Support at Ellinwood Middle/High School


Phone: 620-564-3136
         Evan and daughter in law, Kristin
1st Hour - Plan
2nd Hour - EHS Learning Support
3rd Hour - EHS Learning Support
4th Hour - EHS Learning Support
5th Hour - EHS Learning Support
6th Hour - EMS/EHS Learning Support
7th Hour - EMS/EHS Learning Support
8th Hour - EMS/EHS Learning Support
"There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequals"


- Thomas Jefferson 


High School:      
Great Bend High School
 Great Bend, KS
College and Certifications:      
Barton County Community College
Great Bend, KS
B.S. in Elementary Education K-9
Fort Hays State University   
Early Childhood Education Endorsement
Fort Hays State University
Master of Science Special Education Interrelated
Fort Hays State University
 Gifted Special Education Endorsement
Fort Hays State University
 Highly qualified Certification English and Math           


Teaching Experience:        
Phinney Grade School, Larned, KS    
 Radium Grade School, Radium KS 
                                                                          Substitute Teacher - USD 428 Great Bend and USD 495 Larned                                           
                                                                          Preschool Teacher, Great Bend, KS
                                                                          Headstart Childcare Associate Trainer  
                                                                          Ellinwood Middle/High School  Special Education

Learning Support Resource Room 


            The Learning Support Room is a resource room for students identified as having a learning disability or emotional/behavior disorder requiring Special Education. These students learn in a different way or style than other students, or need additional emotional or behavioral support. Interventions are used to increase deficit skills in math and reading with student progress monitored  regularily These classes do give extra individual support with school assignments through the use of organizational skills, study skills, or remediation.  Services are also given to help with emotional or behavior problems that affect learning.


We provide remediation, review, interventions, and accommodations for these students to enable them to participate in the general education classrooms. These educational tools help students perform in the classroom with their peers and develop the independence to adapt to their unique learning style. Each student has an Individual Education Plan designed with information on assessments determining their individual strengths and weaknesses. The plan includes specific goals to be worked on to improve skills and help students participate in the general education setting. Progress on these goals is monitored throughout the year.


Para educators give assistance to the Special Education Teacher and the students by attending classes with the students and working with students during their Learning Support class period. These paras also assist general education students while in the general education classrooms. Students are encouraged to use the time in Learning Support to get the help they need and develop independent study skills so they may participate fully with other students and become independent learners. Full time para educators at EMS/EHS are Theresa Younker and Brenda Birzer, and part time para educators Lisa Phillips and Julie Shields. 
"If a child cannot learn the way we teach, we must teach them the way to learn."
-Ignacio Estrada